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"You not only energized the group with your insights on the creative process and approaching problem areas, you changed our whole way of viewing our business. Your practical approach to problem solving will serve us for a long time to come."
Dave Verani
Division President
Bluegreen Corporation

"I am so much more enlightened and have become a better communicator with your guidance.This course has been significantly helpful in working with prospective patients."
Duane Roberts, Senior Counselor, Bosley Medical Group

"The participants were really impressed with your professionalism"
Sharon F. Reiser
The Stanford Executive Program

"The combination of pure intrigue, pure entertainment, and meaningful insights into one another helped us achieve a level of professional bonding like never before. Thank you very much for helping to ensure a highly successful national sales meeting for Toshiba America."
David Ujita
Director of Marketing Communications

Toshiba America


Seminars in Las Vegas

Administrative Professionals Training

Take your administrative skills to an entirely
new level in this unique 1 day training

When: Date to be scheduled soon
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Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
How Much: $199 per person


Administrative Professionals Training in Las Vegas NevadaThis 1 day workshop shows administrative personnel how to become exceptional.

It will teach you how to be an uncommon resource to others and thus improve your
value to any organization.

You'll learn exceptional strategies for improving four essential skills:

1. Interpersonal Communication
2. Organization
3. Time Management
4. Being an Extraordinary Resource


Interpersonal Communication

Learn the essential language and communication skills for improving your image and for increasing credibility, trust and respect.

Essential non-verbal communication patterns are covered as well as valuable rapport techniques that can be used in person, in emails and over the phone.

How to elegantly handle interruptions
Special communication patterns for clarifying the outcome
How to handle upsets and emotional outbursts
Communication habits that make you exude professionalism
3 ways to clarify what someone REALLY wants
Techniques for cutting through the fluff so you can save time
The 5 keys to raising the level of ALL your communications


Organization Skills

Learn ways to organize and manage your busy day more effectively than ever before. This module contains insights from our project management trainings for organizing multiple projects, deadlines and priorities.

Learn how to handle multiple projects more effectively
How to build resilience routines into your busy day
Ways to make multi-tasking less stressful
How to deal with difficult people and communication styles
Manage conflicting agendas and difficult requests with ease
Learn specific techniques to help speed up work flow and results
Ways to minimize stress and stay rejuvenated throughout the day


Time Managements

Managing time well is the mark of a higher level professional.

This module contains several of the best insights from our 1 day time management training and will help you apply them to your day.

How to get more done in less time
How to set priorities more effectively
The #1 most important time management habit
The 4 keys to being more organized
Make completion of essentials a habit.
How to manage do lists
Help others clarify their outcomes and objectives


Being an Extraordinary Resource

This section imparts a set of habits used by the highest paid and most valued executive assistants. Learn ways to increase the productivity of your boss or bosses and enhance their ability to delegate and stay organized.

This section will empower you to help others attain increased executive leverage and effectiveness so they can accomplish more goals more quickly.

How to know what the top priorities really are - at all times
Ways to help others with decision making
7 secrets of being an extraordinary resource
Anticipating needs sooner and more accurately
The secret to exceeding expectations effortlessly
How to contribute that 1 helpful idea that they'll remember


Our Guarantee

After attending this training, if you're not completely satisfied it was well worth your investment of time and money, just let us know before you leave and we'll refund your entire tuition.


Group Discount

If three people from your organization attend this seminar, a fourth person may attend for FREE.



Date to be set soon
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Las Vegas, Nevada

How Much

$199 per person


3 Easy Ways To Enroll

1. Enroll by phone
Call 800-884-6150

2. Enroll by Mail or Fax
Print the PDF seminar brochure at the top of this page if one appears, fill out the enrollment portion and mail or fax it to us so we receive it within 5 days of the event. See the brochure for our fax number and mailing address.

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Administrative Professionals
1 Day Seminar in Las Vegas Nevada

$199 per person





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