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Where: The Embassy Suites Hotel in Las Vegas

How Much: $199 per person

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Seminar Overview

Communication Skills Seminar Perhaps no other skill is as important to your success in life, as the ability to communicate well.

The level of your communication affects all of your work related interactions and your interpersonal relationships as well.

This professional communication training will give you the opportunity to practice new and better communication skills.

You'll learn how to improve your level of rapport and trust, gain more respect with colleagues, communicate more effectively and elegantly, handle difficult communication situations and much more.

Packed with skill building exercises and fun round robin sessions, this seminar will make you a MUCH better communicator.

Essential Communication Skills

Learn Essential Communication Skills
This module will help you lay a foundation of excellent communication habits.

The habits of excellent communicators are explained in detail and an exercise is included for identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator.


1 secret that makes ALL your language more effective

Build better rapport and use it to improve relationships

Return off track conversations back to a goal or outcome

How to avoid communication misunderstandings

10 magic phrases that create respect, rapport and trust

Know when and how to be more specific

Essential non verbal patterns and body language

How to project a more positive, professional self image

Communicate using THEIR map of the world, not yours

How to be a more flexible communicator

Words and phrases that exude a natural professionalism


How To Be More Influential And Elegant

Learn how to be more concise and say more with less, along with many other communication patterns for communicating more elegantly and effectively.

The theme of this module is how to communicate using the OTHER person's 'map of the world' instead of your own. This singular skill is one of the most important communication skills you could ever learn.

A practice exercise is included and every participant will have the opportunity to use new communication patterns with other attendees.

How to build elegance into all of your communications

How to identify and use their 'map of the world'

Learn which patterns work with each person

Subtle body language that projects confidence and poise

3 secrets for being more concise

Persuasion techniques that naturally win others over

Assert yourself and your message without alienating

How to get your point across more easily at meetings


Handle Communication Challenges

Learn to handle communication challengesThis module will teach you how to deal effectively with many of the most common communicating difficulties we all experience.

You'll learn specific techniques for minimizing interruptions, bringing people back on topic, clarifying understanding, and minimizing confusion.

Several techniques are included for dealing with difficult people and abrasive communication styles.

Ways to respectfully minimize interruptions

How to deal with difficult personality types

How to handle confrontations

How to respond to insults, intimidation, disrespect

The secret to avoiding stand offs and stalemates

Negotiation frames and language for resolving conflicts

The BEST way to handle passive aggressive types

What to do when they won't come to the point


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Listening and Information Gathering

Listening skills are included in this seminarOne of the things that makes a person a good communicator is the ability to listen well and to gather important information during a conversation.

You'll learn several techniques for quieting your own internal dialog so you can listen better along with techniques for identifying another person's outcomes, priorities, values and needs.

When you've completed this module you will have the ability to make other people feel heard and valued whenever they interact with you.

The BEST 5 listening techniques and how to use them

How to gather more useful information from others

Identify the key patterns used by others

Telephone techniques guaranteed to help you stand out

How to hear and honor the values and priorities of others

How to be certain you know what they mean

3 phrases that get you more information when you need it


Create Rapport and Increase Respect

Learn how to create rapport and build trustThis module will teach you how to create genuine rapport quickly and easily.

The ability to create rapport, especially with people who are difficult to communicate with, will allow you to create trust and maintain quality relationships with more people more of the time.

You'll also learn how to bridge communication shutdowns and blocks so you can keep a positive dialog going in the face of communication challenges.

How to avoid the 4 biggest communication mistakes

The rapport process and how to use it to increase trust

8 words that communicate respect to others

Language phrases that get you more respect from others

How to make others feel heard, respected and important

How to recover from misunderstandings

The 6 relationship destroyers and how to avoid them

What People Say

"I am so much more enlightened and have become a better communicator with your guidance. This course has been significantly helpful in working with prospective patients."

Duane Roberts, Senior Counselor
Bosley Medical Group


"The communication segment was "Wow"!

The communication patterning will help me become a better sales person and manager. These patterns will help me economize the interaction between our people and clients.

I will use all the information. My USP will become effective immediately!"

Pat Miller, Sinclair Broadcasting
The CW Las Vegas & My LV TV


When, Where and How Much

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10am to 5pm

1 hour lunch break and lots of short breaks.
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The Embassy Suites Hotel in Las Vegas


How Much
$199 per person


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