Critical Thinking and Resourceful Thinking

A 1-day seminar in Las Vegas


Critical Thinking Seminars and Trainings in Las Vegas
This seminar in Las Vegas will teach you critical thinking skills, and how to apply them to situations you face on a daily basis.

You'll also learn resourceful thinking patterns to multiply your resilience and effectiveness.

Critical thinking is the ability to think about one's own thinking in such a way as to recognize it's strengths and weaknesses and then to form new habits of thinking more effectively.


Overview of This Training

Critical Thinking

Overview of 1 day critical thinking seminarThis workshop imparts the basics of critical thinking. It begins by defining critical thinking and includes a special module designed to inspire attendees with the idea of becoming a better thinker.

The numerous benefits and advantages of Critical Thinking are described.

Participants are then familiarized with the basic elements of critical thought (Purpose, Question, Information, Assumption, Interpretation, Concepts, Implications, Point of view) and assess those elements using universal criteria and standards of Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logicalness.

Some of the main Critical Thinking patters included are:

Purpose, goal, or end in view
Question at issue or the problem to be solved
Information type
Empirical dimension
Conceptual dimension of reasoning
Assumptions and presuppositional structure
Implications and consequences
Point of view and frame of reference

The exercises in this seminar put participants in to various situations they are likely to face each day, and show them how to think, while in those situations, using new Critical Thinking patterns.


Thinking More Resourcefully

This module will show you how to think in highly resourceful ways.
You'll learn the following thinking patterns and begin applying them to actual situations and current challenges:

Re-directing to outcome and meta-outcome
Problems are resources and opportunities
Improvement and solutions
Multiple paths
Resources and utilization
Increasing the number of choices and options
How to think outside the box
Resources and resource to others
Priority and outcome held in mind
Identifying best way to communicate to others
Small chunking and big vision thinking
Systems thinking
Attention to other's P.O.V. , needs, goals and problems

The Optimism Patterns

Based on over 20 years of research and the work of Dr. Martin Selligman, these simple techniques will increase your resilience and ability to bounce back after temporary setbacks and disappointments.

By learning these simple habits, you'll come to explain things to yourself in a way that produces a measurable difference in your over all level of optimism.

Hand out: Optimism Plus
Exercise in group: Your New Explanatory Style


When, Where and How Much


10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Las Vegas - Our workshop facility.

Or on site at your business or hotel conference room.

How Much
Special rates for teams and groups. Please call for details.


The Curriculum


The Fundamentals of Critical Thinking

This module will introduce you to critical thinking and familiarize you with what it really is and why it's so important.

Learn what critical thinking is and how to recognize it
The benefits of critical thinking
The primary skills of thinking critically

Hand out: Critical Thinking - Definition, Benefits and Skills

Thinking Critically - 7 Habitual Criteria for Evaluating

The 7 core patterns of critical thinking are introduced and practiced. The goal of this module is to help you understand and increase your ability to think with:


Hand out: Critical Thinking - Questions and Criteria part I
Exercise - in Trios: Thinking critically


Habits & Criteria For Advanced Evaluating

This module will introduce you to 9 more essential patterns of critical thinking and allow you to practice evaluating multiple situations using each one.They are:

Point of view
Frame of reference.

This module includes creative ways to use your new critical thinking skills and tips to help you do them on an ongoing basis.

Hand out: Critical Thinking - Questions and Criteria part II
Exercise: Critical Thinking in pairs


How To Think More Resourcefully

In this module you'll practice four 'framing skills' that will improve your ability to choose and assign the most optimal meaning to any experience in the past, present or future.

You'll learn:

Reframing - assigning meaning to events
Deframing - destroying an already existing and assigned meaning
Preframing - assigning meaning prior to a future event
Post framing - assigning meaning to past events

This module includes creative ways to use your new framing skills and tips to help you do them on an ongoing basis.


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