How To Become a Life Coach

in Las Vegas Nevada

How to Become a Life Coach

Do you like to help other people achieve their goals and dreams and be a key factor in their success.

Does the idea of having a successful life coaching business excite you?

This page will show you exactly how to become a life coach in Las Vegas.


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Acquire Special Skills Through Training

Become a life coach at this training in Las VegasOnce you've decided to become a life coach, the next step is to build your set of coaching skills.

Enroll in our Life Coach Certification
Training in Las Vegas.

This training will make you a qualified
and skilled life coach and will give you:

A highly effective and elegant coaching process

Over 27 proven therapeutic interventions

Special language patterns for creating change

Highly effective NLP and ecology techniques

72 classroom hours and lots of time with your instructor

An opportunity to enroll in our Business of Life Coaching Training to learn how to build a thriving coaching practice

There's one more step for how to become a life coach in Las Vegas.


To Become a Life Coach Requires . . .

Here is what our most successful life coach students told us made the biggest difference for them.

Set Aside The Time
Your training will require study and practice. You will be acquiring an entirely new set of skills. Be sure to allow time to practice and study.

Commit and Go For It
Once you're committed, then everything will fall into place much more easily. Once you choose to make life coaching your career, then go for it.

Consider yourself enrolled, and enroll as soon as you can. Put the training dates on your calendar, and make whatever scheduling changes you need to make.

Team & Support
It's very helpful to form friendships with other life coaching students during your training. These relationships often last long after the training is over.

Study and practice with your new friends. Select at least 1 or 2 other students and commit to meeting with them regularly so you can practice together.

Be a Good Student
Ask lots of questions. Decide to get a lot out of the training. If you experience difficulty with any part of the curriculum, let your instructor know and ask for help. Have fun learning!

Learn How To Market Your New Business
To be a life coach is to be 'self-employed'. It's essential to learn how to promote your new business and to find a way of doing it that works for you.

You must OWN the fact that it is up to YOU to market your business. Consider business training to be a part of your education and budget for it.

Once you learn the LOW cost and NO cost marketing techniques in our Business of LIfe Coaching Training, and add some new marketing habits into your weekly routine, getting new clients is easy.


Three Easy Steps


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To become a life coach, your first step is to decide if a career in life coaching is right for you.

There's an easy way to make an informed decision.

How to become a life coach
Attend our Introduction to Life Coaching 1 Day
Seminar in Las Vegas.

It's an affordable 1 day seminar that will help you
learn what a career as a life coach is really like.

You will get all your questions asked and get in
insider's view into what it's really like to be a professional life coach.

The pro's and cons of this career will be discussed in detail.

Learn how much you can really expect to make as a life coach and
what your average day will be like.

You'll have an opportunity to see life coaching demonstrations, meet your instructor, receive discounts on our upcoming training, and get
comfortable at our training facility.

This is truly the first and most important step of how to become a life coach. To become a coach requires money, time, study, practice, acquiring some new business skills, training and commitment.

It is actually a lot of fun because you learn so much about yourself in the process.

However, before you decide to go for it, be sure to really take an in-depth look at this career and learn all you can about it, so you can make the right decision for you.

For complete details and upcoming seminar dates, see
Introduction to Life Coaching 1 Day Seminar .

This seminar sells out so be sure to lock in your seat ASAP.


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Learn The Business Side

Learn the business of life coachingAfter you complete our three weekend, 48 hour Life Coach Certification Training and are a certified life coach, there is one more essential step to take to become a successful life coach.

You must learn how to build a successful coaching business.

Being a skilled life coach is only half of the equation.

The other side is knowing how to get clients, how to exceeding their expectations, and how to market yourself as a coach.

In short, the secret of how to become a life coach is to have business skills AND coaching skills.

Building a successful life coaching business is easier than you might think, once you know how.

We've designed a special 2 day training especially for the purpose of showing you how to create a thriving coaching business.

Many of our students call this "The 4th Weekend'. It's not required to be certified as a life coach, but it is highly recommended if you want to be successful.

See complete details at The Business of Life Coaching.


Take Action

It's been said that "Life Rewards Action".

You now know how to become a life coach in Las Vegas. The steps are really quite simple.

The real question is . . . will you take action?

Decide to take the first step right now . . . and Begin Your Journey.

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