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Our Recent Certified Life Coaches!

Life coach Testimonial


"My life coaching training has not only transformed my life, it will surely make a difference in the lives of everybody I have the opportunity to be of service to."

Cindy Jacobs




"This three day training really helped me to personalize the NLP skills in my practice. This class gave me new insights, a fresh perspective on what I need to do next and how to apply the NLP skills in any environment today.

Alexander shows his passion for this field and gives you his professional guidance to be outstanding.

Thank you for this experience."

Barbara Scott


"Alexander's workshop of Life Coaching opened my eyes to a new and better set of skills.

This will improve my communication with my family and help me to build my business.

It's a fun and enjoyable three days. I highly recommend it."

Cyntha Haigler


"Alexander made the concepts on NLP very clear and concise.

His teaching style was influential, while really creating an entertaining environment.

The energy was high and the curriculum was masterful. I would definitely attend another course in the future."

Ryan Baller



"I feel so thankful that I decided to take this weekend course. I'm so hungry to keep learning more.

The tools we learned not only will help me become a life coach but also will help me be more effective in my current business and personal life."

Erika Gallagher


"The Life Coach Certification Training was far beyond what I expected! Alexander is the best "teacher" I have ever worked with.

He is completely knowledgeable and has the most inspiring aura. His broad experience has given him the tools and ability to allow us students to learn more in a shorter time than I thought was possible.

I feel ready to put this program into action and become a phenomenal life coach."

Kathleen Filice


"By the end of the 3rd day of the life coach certification I was a brand new person.

Finally I have the resources I need to structure the best possible outcomes for myself and others.

I'm excited to begin my new journey with my new abilities.

Thank you Alexander!"

Ken Green

"I learned step by step how to be a successful life coach and if that's not enough, I know there was significant personal growth.

On top of that, I now have a great community of like minded people.

Thank you!"

Kayla Mcarthur



"I would recommend this class to anyone that would like to make positive changes in their own life as well as if they have a passion to help others make changes in their lives to become more successful or a better person for them.

This class was excellent, and Alexander did an amazing job breaking down the material and allowing us to work one on one to better understand the concepts."



"NLP training provides a structured set of tools that will help me and my potential clients to clarify and achieve desired outcomes."




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