Marketing Plus

A 1 Day Marketing Seminar in Las Vegas Nevada

Marketing Seminar in Las Vegas
This marketing seminar is for you if you want to identify new and better lead generation methods and discover low cost and no cost marketing techniques to start using immediately to get more customers.

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About This Training

Marketing seminar and training in Las VegasThis is a state of the art marketing seminar that will increase the number of leads you generate for your business . . . GUARANTEED!

Marketing is about generating more and better quality leads.

Marketing is also the ability to 'create and keep a customer".

This in depth marketing training will quantum leap your ability to market any product or service. We schedule it once or twice a year at our seminar facility in Las Vegas for individual enrollment.

It may also be brought to your organization andcustomized for your team.


The Essentials of Marketing

Learn and review the essential principles and practices of marketing any product or service well. This module will help you raise the level of your "Marketing Mind set" so you think like a marketer.

The marketing mind set - how to think like a marketer
Ways to increase the number of inquiries
Ways to increase the average transaction amount
Ways to increase the frequency of purchases
How to make time for marketing
Knowing and using your numbers and measuring results
Testing methods that ANYONE can do
Your USP - position yourself as the ONLY choice
Marketing best practices, beliefs and habits
Identifying your CSF's - Critical Factors for Success
Create front end and back end profits and conversion


Identifying Your Target Markets

How To Identify Your Target Markets

The essence of marketing is to identify new and better target markets and segments of your current market - that you can sell to.

Learn how to use demographics and psychographics to pinpoint valuable groups of potential customers.

Learn which adjacency target markets are ideal for your business and how to gain access to them.

Identify the best communication channels foryour target markets.

What you should know about your competitors' products
How to find new niche market opportunities
How to identify and clarify your target markets
How to shape a value proposition for your market
How to get the key information you need about markets
4 P's of marketing
4 C's of marketing
Find the best ways to reach your target markets
How to know if a market is worth pursuing


Make your Products & Services Compelling

One of the most important skills to learn as a marketer is how to make your products and services compellingto others.

This module includes language, scripts and techniques for describing your products and services in a way that captures your prospects imagination. Learn how to identify WHICH benefits matter most to your future customer and how to use that information to get them to act now, with a sense of urgency.

Scripts for describing your products and services better
Build a linguistic lexicon for speaking to your market
The 5 ways to make irresistible offers
Using benefits vs features
How to use risk reversal to make more sales
7 ways to create greater urgency so they buy NOW
Build your own designer continuity program
How to make better offers so more people respond
Scripts to make your products and services compelling
How to use psychographics and demographics
How to use the AIDA formula to make your copy produce


At This Marketing Seminar You Will

Clarify your most important marketing initiatives

Come away with new and better lead generating methods

Create your own marketing plan and schedule

Identify NEW front end lead generation methods


Lead Generation Methods

Lead Generation is Essential to Marketing More and better lead generation is the focus of this module. Learn new innovative ways to tap into markets, create adjacencies leverage join ventures and much more.

More leads and better conversion means more sales.

100 front-end lead generation methods to choose from
Identify which marketing methods will work best for you
How to get more referrals
Joint ventures and host beneficiary relationships
How to create multiple front end lead generation methods
Identifying your buyer's preferred communication channel
Low cost and no cost ways to generate more inquiries
Finding untapped markets of prospective customers
Tips for automating your lead generation

Your Online Marketing Breakthrough

Identify a handful of internet marketing initiatives that will generate more and better prospective customers for your business.

Email marketing techniques that few people know
Basic SEO web page sculpting and organic search tips
Organic search vs pay per click
Should you use banner ads and online hubs
How to create email opt-ins and self building lists
Create simple and effective web site sales page
Create better email campaigns
10 web page copy writing secrets that really work
Tips for using Goggle analytics more effectively
Simple a/b split testing


The Art of Referrals

This module will teach you a world class method for generating a never ending stream of referrals.

It was modeled over a decade ago utilizing a top referral getter's language, steps and process. It is guaranteed to increase the number of referrals you create. Best of all, it is a completely elegant process.


Strategic Applications of Marketing

This module covers key concepts of competitive strategy from the work
of Michael Porter.

Learn the 5 criteria forevaluating any industry, how to create a competitive advantage and how to sustain it by creating a unique value chain.


Create Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan and schedule will bring all your plans together and empower you to consistently implementyour marketing initiatives.

Draft a concise 1 page marketing plan
Identify your key marketing initiatives
Clarify your marketing goals on paper
Set your marketing calendar and schedule
Determine your step by step actions and plans
Learn how to evolve and develop your plan over time


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