NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in Las Vegas Nevada

An Advanced Training in Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in Las Vegas

This one of a kind NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training will
help you take all of your core NLP skills to an entirely new level.

We will add several advanced skill sets to your NLP foundation.

It's been said that acquiring NLP practitioner skills is like being
given a set of wings.

If that's true, then this Master Practitioner Training is about learning
how to fly!

Why Choose THIS Master Track

Most NLP Master Tracks are crammed into 7-10 days of training with little or no spaced repetition or instructor feedback over time.

This Training is held over FOUR 3-day weekends to give you spaced repetition between sessions.

This weekly training format is the single finest opportunity you could ever hope for when it comes to learning NLP. Virtually no other learning format like this one exists in the entire country for acquiring the skills of NLP.

When you finish THIS Master Practitioner training, your NLP skills will be at a level beyond anything you ever imagined.

Plus, this Master Track includes several modules and features that are not part of ANY other Master Track anywhere in the world.

They include:

Advanced Habit Creation and Dis Creation

Advanced Positive Mental Programming using Raja Yoga

1 of a kind NLP Patterns Alexander has invented

Advanced State Management Patterns

In This Training You Will

Take your fundamental NLP skills to a new level

Learn the structure of beliefs

Learn how to create and dis-create beliefs

Learn how to install beliefs permanently

Learn how to remove and change beliefs

Learn to identify and work with meta programs

Learn how to create lasting habits

Learn how to eliminate undesirable habits

Learn several advanced NLP interventions



Master the art of eliciting, creating and dis-creating beliefsBeliefs are generalizations about time, meaning or boundaries.

Working directly with beliefs is to work at one of the highest levels of change possible. Our very identities are made from combinations of beliefs about ourselves.

Learn the two main structures of beliefs - complex equivalents and cause-effects, how to recognize each type and how to work with each structure of beliefs in detail.

How to create and dis create beliefs at will.

How to make beliefs stable in consciousness so they're permanent and move through time.

Hearing and recognizing beliefs in people's language. Identifying your own unconscious beliefs.

Creating designer beliefs for specific outcomes.

Installing beliefs.

Shaping identity with beliefs.

Special ecology patterns and principles relating to beliefs.

Meta Programs

Advanced NLP Skills TrainingMeta Programs are the ways in which people organize their experience at the deepest and most unconscious level.

Learning meta programs will empower you to present your information to others in a way that matches their meta programs and thus make your products and ideas much more compelling.

How to recognize meta programs in your own internal dialog and in other peoples language.

How to identify someone's meta program visually.

How to speak to others using their meta programs and values while keeping your outcome in mind.

How to change and emphasize certain meta programs.

Combining Milton Model language with meta programs and values to increase personal influence.

Time lines: how to identify them, use them in change work and alter them ecologically.


Identity Level Change Patterns

Because our identity is build out of beliefs about ourselves, it's not until a Master Track, that we can confidently delve into identity Level' change work.

You'll learn to identify what features of an identity are most worth changing and how to build a new, better and more 'designer' identity to help achieve specific goals and ambitions.

You'll learn the real art of identity level change; to be able to construct a new, ecological and optimum identity - and then give it a stable configuration in consciousness so it moves through time on it's own.


A New Self Image

In addition, special material is included in this training for creating and stabilizing a new self image.

The importance of the self image cannot be overstated because your self image acts like a "thermostat" for all your accomplishments.

We cannot out perform our self image - and if we do, it will automatically compensate and lower our accomplishments back into our 'comfort zone'.

Once you learn how to RAISE your self image and then STABALIZE it at a new level . . . your performance and achievement level automatically rises to a new level and stays there.

The skilled use of the self image is a genuine Quantum Leap intervention.



You must be a certified NLP Practitioner or have equivalent experience to participate in this training.

Here are the main skills we focus on in this one-of-a-kind NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training.


Seating is Limited

To ensure the highest level of interaction between the participants and the instructor, this training is limited to 18 attendees.

Fundamentals Squared

In any area of expertise, mastery is about doing the fundamentals extremely well. A large part of this training will be showing you how to get the most out of your core NLP skills.

In this training you'll increase the level of every one of your core NLP skills in addition to adding advanced skill sets to your repertoire.

Focus on your personal constraint

Identify your weakest NLP skill, consider it your constraint or 'weak link' and increase that one skill significantly.

Milton Model to the max!

We'll be delving into advanced hypnotic language skills and practicing them until you're truly generating a very high level of hypnotic language.


Learn to combine your skills at a new level. It is by using your core skills in confluence that your NLP will really start to take off. "Putting it all together" is the key, and you'll learn precise ways to do that on a regular basis so that you're 'generating' a whole new level of NLP.

Advanced modules

Learn advanced applications of sub modalities, applying interventions, perceptual positions, sensory acuity and more.

How to train on your own

. "A Black Belt can get better on their own" is the idea behind this key module of the training. You'll increase your ability to improve your NLP skills on your own, outside of trainings and workshops.


Over 40 Advanced Patterns and Interventions

This training includes over 40 advanced change patterns and interventions.

Several original belief change and identity level change patterns are also included in the Rubicon of Certainty module.

Some of the advanced change patterns include:

The New Belief Generator™.

The Rubicon of Certainty™.

Parental Timeline Re-Imprinting

The New Identity Swish™.

Discovering Unconscious Beliefs™.

The #1 Awareness™

The Day End Review™

And many more!


Your Trainer

NLP Trainer Alexander Van BurenAlexander Van Buren is a Master Practitioner, trainer and innovator of NLP with over 22 years experience as a trainer and teacher.

He is the president of Las and the NLP and Coaching Institute of Nevada.

Van Buren is an inventor of over 200 original modeled patterns of excellence.

Some of his patterns have been published in Anchorpoint magazine, The Sourcebook of Magic, (Crown House Publishing) and the Big Book of NLP.

Alexander is hired regularly by companies nation wide to behaviorally model their top performers. Some of his coaching clients travel regularly from as far as New York and the Netherlands to train with him.

He has presented to executives from around the world for the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University.

His corporate clients include Toshiba, Bluegreen Corp., Delta Dental, Pulte-Del Web, Circuit City, Safelite, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and many more.

He's also provided coaching and consulting for the director of catering for the Marriott Grand Chateau, an Olympic high jumper, the vice president and CEO of the Moretrench Corporation, and famous singers and performers including the concert master and lead violinist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.


Habit Creating and Dis Creating

One of the core themes of this course is the ability to create stable configurations in consciousness that move through time. That's a fancy way of saying 'a habit'.

When resourceful patterns truly become easy and automatic, you're at a whole new level.

This training will cover specific patterns for identifying what habits will serve you best, creating habits, locking in habits in so they're truly self generating, and how to eliminate undesirable habits.

Identify a core set of habits that empower you to live your values consistently.

Learn how to install new habits in yourself so they're self generating.

The skills of dis creating habits.

How to identify the unconscious and meta-level habits that may be holding you back.


Our Guarantee

If after the first phone session of this training, you're not completely satisfied, just let us know, and we'll refund your entire tuition.


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