The 2015- 2016 NLP Practitioner Certification Training

In Las Vegas Nevada

BECOME a Certified Practitioner
of NLP, at this CLASSIC & In Depth NLP
Training in Las Vegas

NLP Practitioner Certification Training in Las Vegas Nevada
Learn The Core Skills of NLP in this One Of a Kind Training
in Las Vegas Nevada!

When: Three 3-day weekends beginning about to be schelued
Where: The Embassy Suites Hotel in Las Vegas
How Much: Eight monthly payments of $497 - total tuition $3976.
Seating: Limited to the first 18 people who enroll


Why Choose THIS NLP Practitioner Training?

Neuro-linguistic Programming Training
This training, now in it's 19th year of success, has transformed hundreds of lives.

Several things make this NLP Practitioner Certification training your best choice:


More therapeutic interventions than other trainings
Original therapeutic interventions
A convenient monthly payment plan
An extensive training manual is included
19 Years of experience teaching NLP
A convenient location near the Las Vegas airport
An Ideal learning format with spaced repetition
An introductory seminar to help you decide
Huge bonuses when you enroll

This training is custom designed to make you a Certified Practitioner of NLP.


Learn to Generate NLP

NLP Certification AwardedThe purpose of this training is for you to learn how to 'GENERATE NLP'.

That means moving through time with 12 NLP skills at your disposal any time you need them.

Why is that so important?

There is something about having all 12 of these skills, and being able to overlap them at will, that makes a person extraordinarily resourceful. Having these skills in combination opens a gateway to unlimited potential.


The 12 Core Skills of NLP That You Will Learn

This trianing will teach you these 12 skills and how to generate them in confluence:

1. Rapport - including the use of sensory acuity and perceptual positions
2. The outcome frame and well formedness conditions
3. The presuppositions of NLP
4. Representation Systems - modalities and sub-modalities
5. The Milton Model - Hypnotic Language
6. The Meta Model - Gathering Information & Structure
7. Reframing
8. Emotional State Management and anchoring
9. Cognitive Strategies - learning, motivation, improvement, creativity
10. Therapeutic Interventions
11. Ecology and the use of six step reframing
12. Future Pacing

For a detailed explanation of all 12 skills, please see our What is NLP page.

Belief change, identity level change, habit creation and dis-creation, metaprograms and timelines are reserved for our Master Practitioner training.


How To Get Started

The best way to get started is to attend our Introduction to NLP 1 day seminar.

This seminar will introduce you to NLP, teach you 3 of the finest NLP techniques ever devised, give you an opportunity to meet your instructor and see our training facility and much more.

Alexander offers special bonuses on our Practitioner Certification Training ONLY at this seminar.


When, Where and How Much

Our next NLP Practitioner Certification Training is:

Three 3-day weekends, 72 classroom hours.

About to be scheduled. Opt in to be notified by email when
we schedule this training.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day.

Lunch is not provied but restaurants are nearby.


The Embassy Suites Hotel in Las Vegas

Round trip shuttle is available from the Las Vegas airport for your convenience if you are flying in to attend.

How Much

Eight monthly payments of $497 for a total tuition of $3976.

Or one payment in full in advance of $3,800


An IDEAL Training Format

This training is held over four 3-day weekends allowing for spaced repetition.

This is an ideal learning format for genuine skill building. It allows you to immerse yourself in training for a few days, then practice what you've learned for a month before immersing yourself again.


Extensive Training Manual

This training includes an extensive course manual with over 30 therapeutic interventions plus patterns scripts, handouts and more.

This course manual is over 100 pages and comes in a 3-ring binder.


Huge Bonuses

If you attend our Fundamentals of NLP seminar in Las Vegas you will receive a 1 time only, special bonus offer for enrolling in our NLP Practitioner Training.

Your bonus includes the complete audio recordings of the training, audios of other trainings, months of individual follow up and support, an extended 8 month payment plan, thousands of dollars in additional training credits and much more.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to significantly improve the quality of their personal or professional life, break out of old un useful patterns, become a life coach or become more resourceful, effective and fulfilled.

Therapists, CEO's, Trainers, Teachers, Sales People, Councilors, Healers, Body Workers, Managers, Attorneys and Parents. Anyone who wants to become more resourceful and effective.



NLP Change Patterns and InterventionsThis training includes over 30 therapeutic interventions, many of which are original and are not available in ANY other NLP training. They include patterns for eliminating procrastination, clutter and phobias.

A modeled motivation strategy is also included along with Change Personal History; a pattern for identifying and then neutralizing the pain from a past memory.

Please click on NLP Change Patterns to see some of these patterns and read brief descriptions of them.

These positive change patterns and interventions will provide you with a complete set of tools for creating positive change, and make you an extraordinary resource when working with others.


Your Instructor

Las Vegas Based NLP Trainer Alexander Van BurenAlexander Van Buren is a professional behavioral modeler, trainer and innovator of NLP.

He has over 22 years experience as
a trainer and teacher.

He was certified as a Master Practitioner in NLP in 1997, and is president of Las Vegas and the NLP & Coaching Institute of Nevada.

Van Buren is the inventor of over 200 original modeled patterns of excellence. Some of his original therapeutic interventions have been published in Anchorpoint magazine, The Sourcebook of Magic, (Crown House Publishing) and the Big Book of NLP.

He has presented to executives from around the world for the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

Some of his courses are sold out over a year in advance and a few of his coaching clients travel regularly from as far as New York and the Netherlands to train with him.

His executive, life coaching and seminar clients include the past general manager and senior executives of Pulte Homes (Del Web), senior executives of The Blue Green Corporation, Safelite Auto Glass, The Arrow Electronics Corporation, and the senior executives of Paramount Pictures.

He's also provided coaching and consulting for the director of catering for the Marriott Grand Chateau, an Olympic high jumper, and famous singers and performers including the concert master and lead violinist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.



Those meeting 80% or more of the required assignments will be certified as NLP Practitioners by the NLP & Coaching Institute of Colorado.

Regular meetings will be held with your instructor throughout the training to help you make certain you are on track for being certified.


Our 100% Guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality training available.

If for any reason you are not satisfied that this training is for you, just let us know by the end of the first 1 day and we will refund your complete tuition in full.


How To Enroll

You can enroll at our Fundamentals of NLP 1 day seminar.


You can enroll right now online using our secure server and shopping cart.
Pay Pal is an option via our shopping cart.

NLP Practitioner Certification Training
8 Monthly Payments of $497
Total Tuition $3976


NLP Practitioner Certification Training
1 Payment of $3800


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