Project Management Training

A 1 Day Seminar in Las Vegas Nevada

Get Control of Multiple Projects,
Accomplish Your Most Vital Priorities,
Meet Important Deadlines
Get Better Organized
Than Ever Before

Project Management Seminars and Trainings in Las Vegas
This 1 day seminar in Las Vegas Nevada will show you how to get control of multiple projects and priorities, and give you proven techniques to get and stay more organized on a daily basis.

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Where: Embassy Suites Hotel - Las Vegas
How Much: $279 per person
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Project Management TrainingOur jobs now require us to manage more things, track more information and get more done than ever before.

Are you overwhelmed by the vast number of things you have to do and the massive amounts of information you have to keep track of?

Do you have numerous people you have to communicate to, rely on and get answers from?

If you could use a better way to manage all of those priorities, projects, information and deadlines . . . then this seminar is for you!

In just one focused day of training, you'll learn:

How to plan better and more effectively
How to meet multiple important deadlines
How to organize multiple projects at once
How to increase your productivity many fold
How to identify and accomplish your most vital priorities
Become better organized in all that you do
Track critical path items so crucial deadlines are met
Get better buy in and cooperation from team players
And much, much more


Get Better Organized

This module will show you a set of proven techniques for getting and staying organized.

How to check your emails less often
A 3 step method for getting control of your work space
Increasing team and vendor cooperation
How to use GANT charts and flow charts
The single best way to prioritize EVERYTHING
How to schedule priorities and to do's so they get done
A surefire way to handle urgent interruptions
How to quickly know what to do next on any project
Put your personal organization system on a new level


Increase Your Productivity

How to set your priorities quickly and effortlessly
How to make and use a 'stop doing' list
A proven way to stay in momentum on multiple projects
Resilience patterns and renewal secrets to stay energized
3 problem solving methods you'll use every day
Ways to clarify outcomes and get more help from others
Top 10 tips from our 1 day time management seminar


The Work Book

Project Management Workbook Included in this SeminarThis training includes a complete set of hand outs we call The Project Management Work Book.

It's packed with numerous pages of charts, forms, methods and templates you can use to help manage, control and complete all your projects and priorities.



Set Yourself Up To Win

This module will teach you how to set up projects, action paths and milestones so your projects get done on time and under budget.

4 Ways to plan better
Developing project objectives
How to plan a project from a to z
How to ensure strong project leadership
How to set up projects so they succeed every time
The 7 steps of project management
How to avoid common project related mistakes
Managing a project and multi-tasking
What the best project managers do and how they think


Control Projects and Meet Deadlines

In this section of the training you'll learn one of the most vital aspects of project management: CONTROL.

Without continuous control of projects, people cannot be managed, resources cannot be acquired and deadlines cannot be met.

How to create project schedules
Know the status of every project at a glance
How to keep every project on track more easily
How to make certain you meet your deadline
Project creep: what it is, how to control it, how to stop it
Determining project scope, time line and progress
Risk management keys and methods
How to use CPM and Pert charts
How to make a work breakdown schedule
Project audits and reports and how to do them
Using bench marks and milestones effectively


Managing Multiple Projects

The ability to manage multiple projects and priorities is now the norm
in most modern business environments.

The skills in this module will show you how to feel that you are on top of many projects at once and in control.

You'll learn how to meet multiple critical deadlines, know where all your projects stand in a single glance, track critical path items on many projects at once and much more.

The 3 ways to manage multiple projects
How to organize multiple time lines, tasks and deadlines
Prioritizing project modules and targets
How to complete multiple projects simultaneously
How to organize multiple targets and deadlines
What to do with multiple critical paths
Additional project management resources


Bring A Current Project

You're invited to bring a current project that you are working on and
use it to practice on during the seminar.

This way you'll be applying these techniques to a real life situation.


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Project Management
One Day Seminar in Las Vegas

$279 Per Person

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