Public Speaking Seminar Las VegasThis public speaking seminar in Las Vegas will make you a confident presenter.

This public speaking seminar in Las Vegas includes SIX dynamic training modules. Half day and full day formats are available and you may choose the modules that will work best for your team. You will

Improve Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills,
Discover How to Prepare Your Presentations,
and Learn How to Be Confident Every Time You Present!

You wll learn, step by step, how to prepare any presentation you have to make and deliver it with confidence and poise. This public speaking seminar is an ideal way to learn professional speaking skills rapidly and save yourself years of struggle and trial and error.

If you have an upcoming speech to make or simply want to learn how to speak more confidently in public, at meetings, before small groups and large audiences, this seminar is for you!

The six training modules of this seminar are:

Present with confidence

Present yourself and your ideas better

public speaking seminar in Dallas Learn professional speaking basics

How to prepare your speech

Make your presentations shine

public speaking seminar in Dallas How to give great powerpoint presentations



Gain Confidence at This Public Speaking Seminar 

public speaking seminar Las VegasLearn how to exude confidence every time you speak in public.

This section of our public speaking seminar in Las Vegas will focus on the most important presentation skills and techniques for ensuring a confident, professional presentation; one that your audience finds informative and enjoyable.

Opening and closing your speech
4 ways to memorize your speech
public speaking seminar in Dallas How to improvise and ad-lib
The secret to being relaxed in front of an audience
How to create and trigger your optimum presentation state
How to discover and develop your own speaking style
Using gestures, eye contact
public speaking seminar in Dallas How to use a microphone and work from a podium
 How to answer questions
How to deliver bad news elegantly when necessary



Learn The True Art of Public Speaking at This Seminar

Public speaking seminar in DallasLearn essential presentation skills that will make you a good speaker.

They’re useful in multiple settings that you find yourself in every day. And how well you present your SELF and your ideas makes a big difference. Successful managers and executives present themselves more professionally than others. This module of our public speaking seminar in Dallas will show you effective ways to articulate your ideas more clearly.

They communicate with confidence, clarity, authority, elegance, and style.

The single most vital secret for creating trust and rapport
3 ways to make the other person feel heard
How to present your ideas so they are remembered
The most important thing to remember in all conversations
public speaking seminar in Dallas What to say when they disagree or resist
How to make your ideas more compelling to your listeners
The precise pattern for being more succinct
How to get feedback on your ideas
How to avoid losing credibility
public speaking seminar in Dallas How to have more authority and yet be liked and trusted



This Seminar Includes Speaking Basics

Public speaking seminar Las VegasLearn and review the fundamental skills of effective speaking.

This module of our public speaking seminar in Las Vegas will show you an overall approach to giving effective and well-received presentations. The techniques in this public speaking seminar will make you a better presenter when it comes to expressing your ideas and presenting them to others.

You will be more effective when presenting at meetings, in front of team members and when speaking with clients and customers over the phone or in person.

How to overcome nervousness
The A B C’s of assessing your audience effectively
How to build quality content for your speeches
public speaking seminar in Dallas How to have confidence when speaking in public
The 5 mistakes amateur speakers make
How to scope out the layout and working area
5 habits that give you a professional look and feel



Prepare Your Speech At The Seminar

Public speaking seminar Las VegasLearn how to prepare any presentation you have to give.

Preparing for a presentation is a simple process, and once you learn how, you’ll be able to get ready for any presentation you have to give and know your speech will be effective. The process you’ll learn in this section is used by hundreds of professional speakers and is guaranteed to work.

Every module of this seminar is available as a set of individual coaching sessions for managers, salespeople, and executives.

Quickly and effectively prepare any presentation
How to rehearse your speech
Determining the outcome of your presentation
Organize your ideas into a smooth presentation
The four best ways to learn about any audience
Create your back up plan for the unexpected
Creating positive expectation in your self



Make Your Public Speaking Memorable 

public speaking seminar Las VegasAdd that special something that causes you and your presentation to be remembered.

In this section, you’ll learn a set of simple yet powerful techniques for making sure your presentations get rave reviews. You’ll learn ways to make an emotional impact and present speeches that stand out and are remembered.

Making your presentations dynamic
7 things that make you memorable
Adding appropriate humor
Using metaphors and stories and quotes
How to add emotional punch to any speech
The 5 ways to make a speech unforgettable
Adding special anchoring for impact
public speaking seminar in Dallas Using tonality, pauses and rhythm
Telling your core story
Ways to build trust and credibility

Feel free to call us to ask about half-day and full-day versions of this seminar and how we can customize them especially for your team. Or send us a note.



How to Give Great PowerPoint Presentations

Public speaking seminar Las VegasLearn how to make the most of your presentations using Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

In this portion of our public speaking skills seminar in Las Vegas, you’ll learn essential insights for using PowerPoint effectively. Don’t let your presentation turn into a boring slideshow. These techniques will add sizzle to your data, slides, and screenshots.

How to change your presentation when using PowerPoint
Font size and color
The best way to present data
How to avoid overwhelming your audience with fact
the 4 biggest PowerPoint mistakes and how to avoid them.
The secret of using bulet points



Bring This Public Speaking Seminar On-Site For Your Team

Custom-designed versions of this training are available. For special group rates and modules please call 682-263-4515
or Inquire Online.


Get Individual Public Speaking Training in Las Vegas

You can do this complete public speaking seminar and training as an individual.

      • As Phone Coaching:  Using a set of over the phone sessions
      • As Online Training: With a live trainer using GoToMeeting

Both of these formats include all the handouts from our live training. Assignments and action steps are also included. The curriculum can be customized especially for you.


To Inquire

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Customized For Your Team
We can customize this seminar especially for your group and deliver it on a date of your choosing at your Hotel meeting room or at our training facility in Las Vegas. 




What Participants Say 

“When I first met you I was $17,000 in the red. Within a few years of working with you and your strategies, I am having my first 7-figure year. Your coaching has been incredibly valuable.”

Dan J.



“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income. And I took my wife to France and we hung out with the Tour-De-France cyclists, so I guess that qualifies as the lifestyle piece. That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!”

Dr. Chris Pellow, Pellow Family Chiropractic



“Not only did Alexander do a phenomenal job in teaching me many concepts that will greatly improve my business, but he went beyond helping me with my business into teaching me how to thrive in my life balance as well. He made sure I understood to balance everything important to me, such as making time for my health, family, and leisure time, so that I could be more balanced in my life and not stressed out with overworking myself with my business. He inspired me to take many actions to improve both my business and the quality of my life that I would have been ignorant or hesitant to take otherwise. His program was a real life-changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Sue Paananen, New Business Owner



“Alexander has been a huge help in getting me started the right way. His techniques have already got me significant bookings that have far exceeded my goals. I purchased his coaching package three times in a row because it paid for itself every time I did it. His attention to detail in all aspects: from intricate speech writing to advanced marketing, these are exactly the insights for which I was looking. With so much more to learn, I know I’m in the right place.”

Steve Sax, World Champion Baseball Player & Motivational Speaker



“Toshiba is the world’s 17th largest corporation…thank you for helping to ensure a highly successful national sales meeting. The combination of unique intrigue, pure entertainment, and meaningful insights into one another, helped us achieve a level of professional bonding like never before.”

David Ujita, Director of Marketing Communications, Toshiba America



I have been working with him for a year now, and I have been able to change completely. Today, I am much more who I want to be, and can do more than I have ever been able to achieve before.

Susan Brown, Day Trader & Futures Trader



“This was one of the best pieces of training we’ve ever had on time management. They were blown away.”

Safelite Auto Glass



“The participants were really impressed.”

Sharon F. Reiser, The Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business



Sales Training Dallas

“In the three sessions. . . I was impressed with your knowledge and coaching in time management. Your honest feedback and detailed explanations on being the best that I can be (my work place, personal life and diet) has had an immediate and positive impact.

I changed my diet, and exercise which I never did before, and I can see the results in my daily routine and my energy level. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their professional or personal life.

Thanks again for teaching me to be a better manager, husband, father, and friend.”

Shawn Funches, Food & Beverage Activities Manager, Marriott’s Grand Chateau



Sales Training Dallas

“There is always apprehension when you bring in a facilitator you have not personally worked with before. This apprehension disappeared within the first 30 seconds of your presentation.

Alex, you not only energized the group with your insights on the creative process and approaching problem areas, but you also changed our whole way of viewing our business.

Your practical approach to problem-solving from the general to the specific will serve us all for many years to come.”

Dave Verani, Division President, Blue Green Land & Golf Corporation



Sales Training Dallas

“The communication session was . . . WOW!. And we are still using the 5-5-5- sales process.”

CW – TV, Sinclair Broadcasting Corp. 



Sales Training Dallas

“Alexander, I spoke to a group of over 200 people and I truly believe your help with my introduction and closing language was a big part in my being able to bring in over $50,000 in my 45-minute presentation.”

Scott Letourneau, CEO